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Who We Are

bSkilling is a pioneer in technology training and we focus on offering top-notch IT and fintech education and skill development programs. We work hard to help people and organizations with the information and skills necessary to prosper in the quickly changing digital landscape. We aim and deliver excellence in all fields. We cater to a broad spectrum of clientele including people, professionals, and companies from various industries, who are served by our all-inclusive training solutions. Founded in 2023, bSkilling focuses on the B2C market and aims to educate 50,000+ students in its first year of operations. The company offers over 100 courses on its website, taught by over 50 experienced trainers. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including IT, business, and social media. Here are some of the ways that bSkilling is revamping the EdTech industry.

Offering a wide range of courses : bSkilling offers courses on a wide range of topics, including IT, business, social media, and many more. This allows students to find the courses that are right for them and develop the skills they need to succeed in their chosen field.

Providing high-quality education : bSkilling's courses are taught by experienced trainers who are experts in their field. This ensures that students are learning from the best and getting the most out of their education.

Making education accessible to everyone : bSkilling offers its courses at an affordable price and provides financial aid to students who need it. This makes education accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial background.

Offering flexible learning options : bSkilling offers its courses online, which allows students to learn at their own pace and from anywhere in the world. This makes education more convenient and accessible for students.

bSkilling is making a big impact on the EdTech industry. The company is committed to providing high-quality education at an affordable price. bSkilling is changing the way people learn and helping students develop the skills they need to succeed in today's economy.

Core Values


A driving force behind our continuous innovation and value creation


A blend of experiences from the past and thought leadership focused on future


A customer-first approach that enables us to understand businesses and people better than most


Mr Sivasarathy - CEO

Meet the visionary leader behind our company—our CEO, Mr Sivasarathy! With 25 years of experience in the EdTech industry, Siva has seen it all. From the early days of online education to the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, he has been at the forefront of it all. Before establishing SFJ Business Solutions in 2007, Mr Sivasarathy served as an SAP consultant for TCS, where he gained invaluable business and technological experience. This experience has played a significant role in the development and success of our business.

With a deep understanding of the IT industry, Mr Sivasarthy has a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing EdTech companies today. With this knowledge, he has guided SFJ Business Solutions to develop cutting-edge solutions that are transforming the way people learn. His enthusiasm for technology and education inspires our team to explore new directions in EdTech. Our business has expanded to become a market leader with a reputation for innovation and excellence under his leadership. Join us on our mission to revolutionize education and experience the difference that comes with having a CEO who truly understands the industry.

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